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Red Tractor response to traceability technology case study

Statement from David Clarke, CEO, Red Tractor

“This isotope test has been developed collaboratively by the industry to help to validate information on food labels and to provide further reassurance. The introduction of this additional level of testing can only add integrity and credibility to the industry’s systems and to the Red Tractor logo.

Industry bodies were pro-active in inviting BBC Radio to observe an open test of the new technology. Although many previous tests have proven that labels were correct one sample gave an anomalous result. After thorough follow up and scrutiny of the systems in this particular supply-chain we are now satisfied that this was an isolated case, further samples from the same source have proved satisfactory. We are also sure and that it was caused by human error; this was not a case of deliberate mislabelling or fraud.

The most important thing for consumers to know today is that industry organisations, retailers and the Red Tractor scheme are working together to develop new tests and robust systems to provide maximum integrity. Of course we expect some tests, hopefully very few, to show unexpected results or there would be no point in doing them. But the use of all the technologies available can only make the integrity of our systems stronger.”

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