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Red Tractor is considered world leading in farming standards. That’s why when you see the Red Tractor logo you can be confident your food and drink is traceable, safe and farmed with care.

Dairy farmers are among the most committed workers out there, often getting up any time from 3am to 6am to milk their herd. To be Red Tractor assured, our dairy farmers must also work tirelessly to maintain a rigorous set of standards that keep animal welfare at their core and ensure we can deliver full supply chain traceability and food safety.

Did you know…
There are more than 11,000 Red Tractor-assured dairy farmers who account for 95% of all milk production in the UK
As well as calcium, dairy products have a number of nutrients including vitamin B12 – an essential nutrient not naturally present in a vegan diet that plays an important role in the functioning of our bodies.
Just one 200ml glass of semi skimmed milk provides 74% of our recommended daily vitamin B12 and 31% of our recommended daily calcium
Meet Red Tractor Dairy Farmer, Abi
Being a Red Tractor farmer is really important to me. It means that we commit as an industry to very important standards. 95% of British milk is Red Tractor standard and it means that all those dairy products are safe, traceable, farmed with care and they come from farms like mine who have names and faces and our history
Red Tractor Dairy Farmer
Cattle in a field

Being a dairy farmer is something Abi is passionate about

“It’s a really exciting job that means I get to spend a lot of time in the countryside, take my dog to work and spend a lot of time with my family, but more importantly, with a herd of the most amazing cows”

Brown and white cow grazing in a field

Early starts are part of life as dairy farmer

“I get up at 4am, although I might snooze for 5 minutes and get up at 4.05am! But it’s a great time of the day – you get up, get a cup of coffee, a bowl of cereal then get out the door and the birds are singing, the sun is rising and it’s such a peaceful time to be out”

Two calves laying in hay

Abi milks 200 cows which all came from a proud family line…

“I’m milking 200 cows and all of these cows are descended from my grandfather. So, when he got married and moved to this farm in the 1930s, he brought some of his father’s cows with him and the whole herd is built up from them so there’s a lot of heritage here which we’re really proud of. ”

And she has her favourites…

“There’s a lot of favourites, but one that always comes to mind is Marjory. She’s been with me since I started working full time on the farm – so that’s 16 years – and we’ve been on a journey the whole way through. She’s retired now, but she’s still with the herd and she always comes up to say hello in the mornings”