What’s the Real Story Behind
Chlorinated Chicken?

We’re told we have world leading chicken standards here in Britain – but what does that actually mean and why does it matter?

What is the real story behind chlorinated chicken? And how does the UK compare with other countries on our welfare standards in general?

To get some answers, Emma caught up with University Professor and leading independent food safety expert, Guy Poppy, who explains the difference in safety and hygiene standards here in the UK versus other countries.

Get the facts from Guy in Emma’s latest video…

A group of baby chickens
A chicken
A chicken
A group of chickens
Chickens inside a farm
A man holding a chicken

A word from Guy Poppy…

Guy has worked in the world of food safety and standards for more than 30 years, as an Independent Food Safety Expert and as a University Professor.

“High standards are important not just for the chickens themselves, but for us as humans too. Whether chickens are hygienically reared will inevitably have implications on how safe they are for us to eat.

“The UK has amongst the highest food standards of anywhere in the world, and by looking for the Red Tractor logo when you shop, you are effectively voting for welfare, high hygiene and safe food.”

Meet Red Tractor
Certified chicken farmer, Ed…

As a third-generation farmer, Ed is very proud of the standards he meets every day on his farm. From underfloor heating and enrichment bales to detailed biosecurity measures and constant CCTV surveillance, the welfare of Ed’s chickens is his absolute priority.

“Being Red Tractor Certified means I’m always up to date with the most relevant criteria and working to high standards every single day to provide shoppers with quality British chicken.

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