New Advert Launched 22nd March 2021 Across All Major UK TV Channels

Tune into everything from ‘The Chase’ to ‘Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway’ to see the Traceable, Safe and Farmed with Care story brought to life across Britain.

Ever wondered what makes Red Tractor standards world leading?

In 2018, we released our first ever TV advert which explained what Red Tractor do and why looking for the logo can give you confidence in the food you buy.

Our new advert is the next chapter in this story and brings our standards to life from field to store.

At Red Tractor, everything we do is about attention to detail and this doesn’t stop with our TV advert. Every single character, scene and element in our advert was intricately handcrafted and modelled to bring our story to life.

So for peace of mind about what goes on your table, when you shop, just look for the Red Tractor label.

Only produce from British Red Tractor certified farms can hold the Red Tractor logo. This means it can be traced right back through the supply chain to the British farms it came from.
Red Tractor is the only UK food assurance scheme to cover as many sectors and standards as deeply as we do to ensure your food is safe. We cover everything from responsible antibiotic and pesticide use to water safety.
Farmed With Care
The welfare of Red Tractor assured farm animals is integral to our standards. We ensure they are healthy with the right living space, food and water. Red Tractor farmers are also required to have regular visits by vets to ensure the wellbeing of their animals.


From radishes and rocket to spinach and spring onions, there’s a whole host of beautiful British vegetables coming into season. This summer, celebrate our British farmers by looking for the Red Tractor logo. From seasonal vegetables to British reared lamb, all Red Tractor food has been produced to world leading standards so you can be confident your summer barbeque is traceable, safe and farmed with care.

DID YOU KNOW? It’s critical fresh produce is produced in a strictly controlled and hygienic way so, by looking for the Red Tractor, you can be confident your fruit and veg has been produced safely, right down to testing the water used for irrigation.


Emma is a mum on a mission to shine a light on the work of UK farmers. She prefers to buy British, always has an eye on value for money and is keen to find out how Red Tractor helps everyone buy food and drink they can trust.

In her latest video, Emma explores the beef and lamb farming industry.

How much red meat should we be eating? What is the environmental impact? And how can we be sure our beef and lamb is safe to eat and has been reared with care?

Join Emma as she meets Red Tractor beef and lamb farmer, Richard, and nutrition and livestock systems expert, Michael Lee, to uncover some of the truths behind rearing, farming and eating British beef and lamb.

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