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Have you ever thought about how some of your favourite foods and household products are produced? Follow us in our ‘How Do They…?’ series as we trace some of the nation’s favourite brands and products right back through the supply chain to the Red Tractor assured, British farms they came from.

Discover the care, attention to detail and world leading rigorous standards that go into every part of the Red Tractor assurance chain – and a few fascinating industry secrets along the way.

How Do They Grow Delicious Berries in Britain that meet world leading standards?

Berry Gardens are a grower-owned co-operative that grow and pack around 60 million punnets of soft fruit each year that supply our supermarkets, food service and convenience outlets.

But the question is, how do they ensure that their blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries are grown, picked, transported, and packaged in a way that meets Red Tractor’s world leading standards?

Follow their journey from farm to packhouse and learn all about the delicious Driscoll’s Victoria Blackberries, and how every drupelet, (bumpy bit), is packed full of delicious juiciness.


How Do They Turn Red Tractor Woolkeepers® Wool Into Hypnos Mattresses?

Award-winning British mattress manufacturer, Hypnos have been making luxury beds for over 100 years. As sleep experts, they know that wool is one of the best natural ingredients you can use in a mattress to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

But how do they ensure the wool they use in their mattresses is responsibly sourced?

Follow the journey from a Red Tractor assured sheep farm in Hertfordshire through the grading process and on to the Hypnos workshops, where luxurious mattresses are hand-crafted using traditional time-honoured skills. What’s more, learn how the whole process is managed via the Woolkeepers® platform in a way that meets Red Tractor’s world class standards.

For more information about Hypnos, visit their website.

*Please note, Hypnos mattresses contain wool from a collective of Red Tractor assured farms. For the first time, these individual farmers know where their sheep’s wool will be used.

How Do They Turn A British Root Vegetable Into Red Tractor Assured Sugar?

You probably don’t give the origins of sugar a second thought when you’re folding it into your cake mix, spooning it into your morning coffee or sprinkling it on to your cereal – but did you know that it takes six sugar beets to make a 1kg bag of Silver Spoon sugar?

Approximately 1.5 million bags of Silver Spoon sugar are produced every day at the factory in Bury St Edmunds – with each stage of this seamless process following Red Tractor guidelines to guarantee a great quality, traceable product makes it into your morning cuppa.

Join us as we take a journey from field to factory and find out how it’s made.

How Do They Put The Red Tractor Wheat in Weetabix?

Around 5.3 million Weetabix are produced a day at their factory in Northamptonshire and every biscuit is made with wheat farmed within 50 miles of the factory. Once it’s arrived, the wheat is tested, cleaned, flaked, shaped into Weetabix, baked and packaged ready to go to your local supermarket.

This huge production process runs smoothly thanks to the hard work from the team at Weetabix, but every element can also be traced through the Red Tractor assurance scheme to ensure that everything is meeting our world-leading standards, all put in place to make sure you can enjoy a delicious and great quality product. Take a look and find out more.

How Do They Turn British Milk Into Red Tractor Assured Cheddar Cheese?

Around 2 million litres of West Country milk are transported to the Davidstow Creamery every day, making 60,000 tonnes of Cathedral City Cheese every year that’s traceable, safe and farmed with care!

Join us in the West Country to find out how British milk is transformed into smooth cheddar – and meet the people producing this delicious cheese through traditional techniques and years of experience.

How Do They Turn Black Seeds Into Golden Oil That’s Traceable, Safe and Farmed With Care?

Located in rural Suffolk, Hillfarm Oils grow, press and bottle rapeseed on the farm they’ve been working since the 1980s. Watch the video and meet Red Tractor farmer Sam Fairs to find out how their rapeseed oil is made. The whole process happens on site and every drop of golden oil meets our Red Tractor standards every step of the way.

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