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Our Red Tractor certified combinable crops farmers produce the grains for a huge range of British food and drinks products including bread, cereals and biscuits.

A Red Tractor farmer’s land is often their home, and they care about looking after the British countryside which we all know and love. To do this, they are required to maintain a robust set of standards to become Red Tractor assured.  

The Journey After The Farm is Just as Important As On The Farm

In order to become the final grain product in your bread and cereals, the crops must go through a number of processes after harvest. This is why the entire supply chain has to be certified to Red Tractor standards.

Assured Transport

Any vehicles transporting crops must be assured.

Assured Grain Storage

Grains often need to be stored for long periods of time between harvest and processing. When this happens, the storage facility must also be assured to ensure the grains remain safe and in good condition.

Assured UK Maltster

Maltsters take the grains and convert them into malt through a process of steeping, germinating and drying the grains. The malt is them sold to distilleries and brewers.

Assured Licensed Processor/ Further Processor

Processors and further processors take grain deliveries and then process, pack and label them. They can include millers, cereal manufacturers and distillers and they must also be licensed to display the logo.

Red Tractor Product

The final product can only display the Red Tractor logo if it has met rigorous standards at every point in the supply chain and can be traced back to the British farms it came from.