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Red Tractor fruit and vegetable farmers work year-round to put fresh, healthy British produce on our plates with minimal food miles and world leading standards.

Fruit and vegetables form the backbone of a healthy diet, but the way we eat them presents certain risks that must be carefully managed. This is because they are frequently consumed without cooking which could eliminate some of the most significant food safety risks. That’s why it’s critical for all fruit and vegetables to be produced in a strictly controlled and hygienic way to minimise risk at each stage of the process and ensure your food is safe to eat.

By looking for the Red Tractor logo on your fruit and vegetables, you can be confident rigorous safety standards have been met and the produce can be traced right back through the supply chain to the British farms it came from.

Did you know…
British farmers produce 3.5m tonnes of fruit and vegetables every year – on 153,000 hectares of land
The government’s Eat Well Guide recommends 40% of our diet should be made up of fruits and vegetables – this is equivalent to 7-a-day.
Red Tractor standards require certified farms to run checks on everything going, to ensure good hygiene and food safety; right down to testing the water used to irrigate fruit and vegetables.
Meet Red Tractor Salad Farmer, Joe
Our Red Tractor accreditation helps us to get the message across to the consumer that our food is probably the safest in the world as it is farmed to Red Tractor standards. These are higher than food standards in other countries and this is really important to the UK public.
Red Tractor Salad Farmer

Joe is the Company Director of Valefresco – they produce over 400 tonnes of Red Tractor assured salad every week from their farms.

“When people can see the care that goes into UK-farmed food and drink, they can understand its value and how important it is. We are what we eat, and people put an emphasis on knowing what they eat and where it comes from as eating is the most important thing a human does. “

Valefresco salad products are sold by all major UK retailers and they all accept Red Tractor as a suitable farm assurance standard

“It is also very important to our customers. The retailers and customers we sell to demand that all of their suppliers be Red Tractor Certified to ensure traceability, safety and responsible farming for all of the salads and vegetables that they sell.”

Soil health is a priority for Valefresco. As such, they grow wheat every one in three years to help protect the land by rebalancing soil nutrients. They also encourage biodiversity as much as possible.

“We do this by managing the headland. For example, we won’t cut nettles in certain areas as they are rich in insects. This means that we have hares, lapwings, deer and badgers that visit our land.”