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Red Tractor Media statement DNA Contamination in beefburgers – 16th January 2013

Last week’s ‘Horsegate’ incident has led to the farming industry calling for the need to re-examine sourcing and labelling policies to safeguard long-term consumer confidence in the UK meat industry. Both the NFU and Eblex have urged people to look out for the Red Tractor logo which brings with it assurances about traceability of ingredients, and that it has been produced to Red Tractor standards.

In a recent press statement NFU President Peter Kendell said: “We need to move this debate on to find lasting solutions by putting an end to co-mingled products which mix UK meat with imported meat, as well as clearer labelling of all ingredients in products to ensure consumers can make a conscious buying decision. All retailers need to engage better with Red Tractor assurance, increasing the use of the logo on pack, and focusing on the longer term sustainability of their UK supply chains. These changes would benefit retailers, farmers and most importantly, the consumer.”

Nick Allen, EBLEX Sector Director, added “We would support calls for clear, simple labelling and welcome a debate on the issue. Origin is important to people. They want to know provenance and exactly what is in the product they are buying. While it is accepted that lower value meat products are unlikely to contain as high a proportion of beef than at the quality end of the market, the contents still need to be clearly labelled on the packet.

“We would encourage consumers to look for the assurance marks on packs, like the Red Tractor logo or the Quality Standard Mark (QSM) for beef or lamb, which give a level of reassurance on where a product is from and that it has been produced to clearly defined standards.”

To read the full statements download them here:  NFU statement.pdf and  EBLEX statement.pdf 
For further information please contact: richard.cattell@redtractor.org.uk T: 020 7630 3320

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