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Red Tractor calls for Fresh Produce members to trial new ways to improve efficiency of farm inspections

Recently a Portal has been developed by Red Tractor Assurance which will allow the grower to upload documentation required by the Red Tractor assessment for the assessor to review prior to arrival on farm.

Red Tractor has written to their Fresh Produce Grower members asking if they would like to participate in the Phase 1 trial of their “Assessment efficiency and unnecessary duplication” project work.

Anita Roberts Red Tractor’s Head of Assurance said: “Our project is intended to help us explore whether there are more efficient ways of carrying out a farm assessment. The Portal will allow information and documentation to be uploaded prior to an assessment and therefore hopefully reduce the time the assessor needs to spend on farm reviewing paperwork, allowing more time to be spent outside looking at the growing operations”

Growers interested in participating in the trial have been invited to e-mail produce@redtractor.org.uk by the 30th April 2013.

Stephen Whyte from the Leicester based company Qadex who have developed the Portal added: “We are delighted to be working with Red Tractor on this project and we have lots of great ideas on how we can use our technology to help the process further. We can provide links to other industry databases for information, links to training and document templates as well as build in some e mails reminders to growers when specific tasks needs completing ”

For more information on the trial and Red Tractor Assurance produce download the full press release here Red Tractor Assurance Trial their Produce Assessment Efficiency Work.pdf

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