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Red Tractor Assurance now on your ready meals

Ready Meals are one of the nation’s most loved fresh food meals ranking 5th out of the “Top 50 fresh foods” according to Kantar Worldpanel.  This research also claims that the chilled ready meal market is now worth £2.55 billion per year.

Until now, the Red Tractor logo could not be used on ready meals, pies or other convenience foods due to their more complicated ingredients list.  But Red Tractor has now introduced a new logo to highlight that 100% of the meat or poultry is Red Tractor Assured.

David Clarke, Red Tractor CEO said:

“The new ‘Made With’ logo has been in development for some time and although it isn’t a direct reaction to horsemeat, the events that unfolded in 2013 certainly made us look at it even more seriously.”

This logo is being launched later this month on Asda chilled beef ready meals and there are plans to roll it out further during the course of this year.

Ade McKeon, Asda Brand Director said:

“We’re proud to have worked with Red Tractor on a project of this kind.  Our customers tell us that it’s important for them to know exactly where their food comes from so we’re delighted that from February 2014 we will be the first retailer to have the Red Tractor stamp of approval on all our chilled beef ready meals.”

The Red Tractor logo can be found on millions of food products every day indicating that it has met responsible standards of production at each critical stage of the supply chain, has been independently inspected and is traceable back to UK farms.  And a third of UK shoppers already look for the logo when they buy their food.

Richard Cattell, Head of Communications & Marketing, Red Tractor Assurance, added:

“Our research shows that more than half of consumers would be more likely to buy products like ready meals and pies featuring the Red Tractor logo. An IGD survey commissioned by Red Tractor Assurance in 2013 revealed that 52% of consumers would be more likely to buy if it was labelled with the new Red Tractor logo. This represents a significant development for retailers and manufacturers and means the Red Tractor logo is truly fit for purpose.”

You can download the full press release here Made with Red Tractor Consumer PR 220214.pdf

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