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Follow Your Nose From The Aisles To The Farm

We’re pleased to announce that the Assured Food Standards are leading a mind-blowing revolution in smart smell technology that hopes to increase inter-farm connectivity and heighten the shopper experience throughout the UK.

This spring the Red Tractor Food Standard is pioneering the latest technology in ‘Smart Smells’ to stand at the forefront of modern marketing. Their new scratch and sniff labels will bring the customer closer to the countryside, giving them the power to smell the lush British breeze as they shop for their locally grown vegetables and reared meat.

Discount supermarket, Aldi, has partnered exclusively with Red Tractor to allow their customers to experience this ground-breaking technology before anyone else. Scratch and sniff products will be available in stores nationwide.

In the past there has been smart smell technology development, from chocolate and Christmas pudding pie scented gel pens to perfume packs added to magazines, but nothing quite like this – nothing to this level.

For years now, scientists across the UK have been toiling away in the fields and enduring the unpredictable British weather to capture and test numerous countryside smells in laboratories. This has ensured that the best, most fragrant and diverse smells of the British Countryside can be bottled up and applied to packaging for everyone to enjoy.

Andy Thomson, Marketing Manager at Red Tractor said:
Our scratch and sniff technology has been in the works for years now. All food carrying the Red Tractor logo can be traced back to the farm it was grown on. This new deeply immersive shopping experience will bring that farm closer to everyone, and help consumers visualise where their food was grown. We believe this will play an especially important role to those that live in urban areas and who don’t get to smell the countryside every day.”

Tony Baines, Joint Managing Director of Corporate Buying at Aldi UK said
At Aldi, we are proud of the provenance of our produce and the incredible work our suppliers do. We wanted to embrace our British grown, fresh produce and allow the Aldi customer to get as close as possible to the roots of their food.  We are excited to support this enterprising technology with Red Tractor and believe our customers will relish the experience.”

All you have to do to be part of the experience is:

Step 1: Find a Red Tractor product
Step 2: Scratch
Step 3: Sniff


We surveyed a few urban citizens who we found whilst they were doing their weekly shop, all of whom thought it was a brilliant idea and said they would rush to Aldi to smell that fresh countryside air.

Some of those surveyed, like Pete, have never visited the countryside. Pete from ‘the city’ said:
I’m really excited to be able to smell a meadow from the comfort of my own home just by scratching this Red Tractor sticker!”
His facial expression just confirmed his excitement. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to get a photo of Pete, but here is a reconstruction of what he looked like when we told him:


Pete now loves a good scratch and sniff.

You can even use it as a room diffuser – simply scratch and let it fill the air with fresh countryside smells like daisies, freshly cut grass and tractors.

Scratch and sniff stickers will be in Aldi stores from Monday… Don’t miss out!

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