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Country File – Sunday 4th March 2012

CEO of Red Tractor Assurance, David Clarke, said:

‘Red Tractor covers many broad dimensions of food production. Red Tractor’s standards, which are globally recognised for their breadth include – food safety, food hygiene, animal welfare, environmental protection as well as full traceability from farm to pack. Many other assurance schemes are Red Tractor assured.

Of course the Red Tractor standards include all of the points required by law but they also have a number of elements that go above the minimum legal requirements.  Equally we should not underestimate the fact that Red Tractor does make a measurable difference to making sure that the legal requirements are followed.  As a recent study showed, standards would be significantly lower without the Red Tractor scheme*.

There is no right or wrong choice. Shoppers have different preferences and different budgets and our role is to ensure that all the food produced on Red Tractor assured farms, which accounts for 80-90% of food produced in the UK, is produced to good standards of safety and welfare at a price most shoppers can afford.’

Our mission at Red Tractor is to ensure that the product is produced and processed to strict standards, which cover a wide range of topics including food safety and traceability, care for the environment and animal welfare. The Red Tractor logo provides consumers with peace of mind that the products they’re buying have been inspected to good standards.’

If you would like further information please contact Deborah Cawood on 07833453473 or deborah.cawood@redtractor.org.uk.

Examples of where Red Tractor standards and assurances are ‘higher’ than legislation:

*In 2009 DEFRA and the Welsh Government commissioned The University of Warwick study which found that farms in Red Tractor scheme have a significantly better compliance with the legal requirement than those who are not certified. The robust analysis was made over 5 years and included 40,000 farm visits of livestock and was conducted completely independently of the Red Tractor.

To download and read the full Red Tractor farm standards which cover a whole range of good farming practices that an assured farmer has to demonstrate to qualify to be part of the scheme see the following links:

RTA for farm Beef and Lamb standards

RTA for farm Dairy standards

RTA for farm Crops and Sugar Beet standards

RTA for farm Poultry standards

RTA for farm Pigs standards 

RTA for farm Produce standards

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