TRACTOR FACT: Did you know…

Every Red Tractor cow has its own UK passport, so we can trace each one back to a British farm.

Red tractor works with British beef and dairy farmers to ensure animal welfare is a priority and meets our rigorous standards
Cows eating

At Red Tractor, animal welfare is paramount. Since 2000, we’ve partnered with vets and animal welfare experts to continuously strengthen our requirements and ensure that all livestock are healthy with the right living space, food and water.

All our farmer members share our priorities to strive for the very best in animal health and wellbeing. By law, every cow has its own UK passport that covers its entire life, but Red Tractor goes further; every Red Tractor farm must have a herd health plan, reviewed each year by a vet.

Our farmers work with their vet to ensure cows receive the care they need to stay healthy and happy all year round, but sometimes cows get sick. Our farmers ensure their ill or injured cows receive the veterinary attention they require to get well. Any medicines given to an animal during its life are recorded on its passport.

Unlike some assurance schemes in other countries, Red Tractor does not permit the use of hormones or antibiotics to promote growth.