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Statement on Duck Standards

Every one of us wants to eat food we can trust, so we know where it came from, how it was grown, that it is of good quality, and that it will be available again tomorrow, next week, and next year. The British meat industry takes prides in its good animal husbandry practices and its openness to accept change, encourage innovation and share best practice.

Under the Red Tractor Duck Assurance Scheme, ducks reared indoors must have access to bathing water to be able to dip their heads under, to preen and to allow the birds to toss water onto their feathers for conditioning. This form of bathing ensures good bird health and welfare and avoids eye and nostril infection.

Fresh clean drinking water is provided through nipple drinkers and additional bathing water is made available through troughs, wide-channel type bell drinkers, baths or showers. Separate nipple drinkers ensure that drinking water doesn’t become dirty from the bathing activities and is not spilled or leaked onto the duck’s bedding. This way the water remains clean and drinkable.

Red Tractor ducks have sufficient space to move around freely to feed, drink and bathe and to exhibit normal behaviour. Our ducks are also provided with fresh straw every day.

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