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Legacy of horsegate scandal has significantly altered UK shopper demands

New research, conducted in September 2013 by Red Tractor Assurance and OnePoll, reveals nearly half of UK shoppers (43.3%) are more concerned now with the standards their food has been produced to and where it comes from, than before the horsegate scandal. A further 9% of people state that their confidence will never be fully restored.

Women are more concerned than men.  45% of women are more concerned over their food sourcing versus 40% of men and trust is most acute in the over 55 age group with 49% more concerned than pre-horsegate. In both sexes there is an underlying lack of trust with 1 in 5 (20%) of primary household shoppers stating that they do not have confidence in the food that they’re buying.

David Clarke, Red Tractor’s Chief Executive commented by saying: “Shoppers have always had both the desire and the right to know that what they are eating is what it says it is. Where shoppers see the Red Tractor logo on their food, they know that the food they are buying has been produced responsibly and is traceable from farms to pack.”

Buying habits post-horsemeat have also changed with one fifth of shoppers (20.4%) claiming that they have reduced the amount of  processed meat products they buy and a further 15% stating they have stopped buying these types of products all together.

Red Tractor Week 2013 launches today (16-22 September) and is a part of the Trust The Tractor campaign which aims to increase consumer trust in food by raising awareness of the assurance benefits that the Red Tractor logo provides. Red Tractor Week will be showcasing the importance of providing this stamp of trust to consumers. In this latest survey, recognition for the Red Tractor logo is at an all-time high (64.7% recognition) and 80% of consumers said they support Red Tractor’s latest campaign which seeks to raise consumer confidence and urges people to Trust The Tractor.

This research was commissioned by Red Tractor Assurance during September 2013 and was conducted on a survey of 2,000 adults (18+), 83% of whom stated they were the primary shopper in their household.

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