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Red Tractor Certified Country Life block butter in kitchen

Saputo Dairy UK

Red Tractor Certified Cathedral City Mature Cheddar on wooden worktop

Saputo Dairy UK produces and sells some of the best-loved food brands in the UK including Country Life, Davidstow cheddar and, the nation’s favourite cheese brand, Cathedral City. They also use the whey from their cheese-making process to produce ingredients which are used in infant formula.

The company was previously called Dairy Crest and has a long history of making some of the UK’s favourite dairy products.

All of the milk used to make their famous cheddars is sourced directly from around 330 Red Tractor assured dairy farmers in South West England. They supply Saputo with more than 500 million litres of milk each year which is then turned into cheese at the famous Davidstow creamery in Cornwall.

The South West climate makes it a great region for dairy cows and the company prides itself on the close working relationships it has with these farmers, many of whom have been suppliers for several generations.

Working in partnership with farmers has become an integral part of the business and a Farm Business Team supports each and every Saputo dairy farmer. This involves visiting the farms regularly to get a better understanding of the farmers’ needs and to help them to understand the Saputo business better including supply requirements and latest company news.

Independent assessors carry out rigorous checks against Red Tractor standards at each stage of the production process from farm to packet. This means you can find our logo on packs of Country Life, Davidstow Cheddar and Cathedral City as an indicator that they are traceable, safe and farmed with care by Red Tractor assured dairy farmers.


Saptuo Dairy UK Red Tractor Certified Dairy Cows in a field

Find out more about Saputo Dairy UK and its products by visiting the Saputo Dairy UK website.

Saptuo Dairy UK Red Tractor Certified Dairy Cows in a field

Look out for the Red Tractor label in all major supermarkets. Your can also find us in pubs & restaurants including: