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Red Tractor Certified Bread - Bakers Bicycle mini loaves

Baker’s Bicycle

Red Tractor Certified Bread - Bakers Bicycle

After becoming frustrated by a lack of quality breads available in the shops, The Baker’s Bicycle developed an exciting plan to deliver fabulous artisan breads and sweet treats to the nation’s bread baskets.

As the UK’s only Red Tractor approved bakery, their skilled bakers combine the finest ingredients, including 100% Red Tractor Certified British wheat flour and rapeseed oil, to lovingly bake their range to perfection at their bakehouse in Margate. Simon Cannell, Managing Director of The Baker’s Bicycle explains why using Red Tractor ingredients is so important to the company:

“We only use Red Tractor certified flour and rapeseed oil which guarantees quality. This directly supports UK farmers, creating unique British products that can be traced directly back to the farm ensuring quality, high standards, best practice and sustainability”.

As well as carefully sourcing their Red Tractor ingredients, they also pay particular attention to making their breads. In today’s fast-paced world, Baker’s Bicycle like to do things the old fashioned way.

Their bakers naturally ferment the dough for between 24 – 48 hours to create a flavour and texture that can’t be matched by fast-paced production methods. The breads are then frozen straight from the oven to lock in the freshness and remove any need for artificial preservatives.

With estimates that nearly half of all bread baked in Britain regularly going to waste, selling frozen products offers a more sustainable way to add delicious artisan baked bread to everyday meals.

Shoppers can simply ‘thaw and adore’ Red Tractor Certified Baker’s Bicycle products to enjoy simple yet delicious gourmet bread such as focaccias and glazed brioche buns in their own home. They also produce flavoured varieties including onion sourdough rolls, olive and oregano focaccia rolls and cranberry pan rustic.

Red Tractor Certified Bread - Bakers Bicycle
Baker's Bicycle Red Tractor Certified Buns

This bakery-quality bread at home is something the team are more than a little bit passionate about with Simon reaffirming the company’s ethos that “bread is at the heart of every good meal and good bread transforms a simple supper into something special and a picnic into a banquet.”

He also recommends that people give more consideration to the bread they serve at events such as barbecues:

“I am always surprised and a little disappointed when people serve the finest steak, burgers and sausages in bland tasteless bread. If you don’t believe me just try our Ciabatta with sausages, Olive and Oregano Focaccia Roll with a steak and Sourdough and Onion with a burger.”

For those with a sweeter tooth, special mention needs to be made about The Baker’s Bicycle’s unique hybrid Scioche®. This sweet bake combines the taste and essence of a scone with the buttery loveliness of brioche all responsibly produced with Red Tractor flour. The result is a wonderfully rich texture and superb flavour which is delicious when combined with strawberry jam and clotted cream or simply toasted with butter.

The Baker’s Bicycle is currently available at independent farm shops across the South East, find out where you can buy them on their website here .

Baker's Bicycle Red Tractor Certified Toasted Muffin with Fruit

Look out for the Red Tractor label in all major supermarkets. Your can also find us in pubs & restaurants including: