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When it comes to sheer versatility and great taste, it’s no wonder so many of us love great British chicken. As a favourite go-to for families across the UK, it’s more important than ever to know where our chicken comes from. Whatever your choice or budget one thing never changes…Red Tractor are here to ensure your chicken is Traceable, Safe and Farmed with Care, all the way from farms to pack.


Red Tractor have been working with farmers, vets and animal welfare experts for the past 20 years to produce a range of standards that means even more choice when you’re out shopping.

There are currently three types of chicken in our range, all easily identifiable with different coloured logos…

Certified Standards

Red Tractor ‘Certified Standards’ cover everything that you care about when buying chicken. All our Certified Standards chicken can be traced back to the eggs and farms they are reared on and have 10% more space than is required by European legislation. They also experience more enrichment as well as world leading welfare, hygiene and safety standards and we are phasing in the requirement of natural light on every single Red Tractor farm. 

Enhanced Welfare

Underpinned by all the welfare, safety and traceability of our Certified Standards, we are proud to introduce our ‘Enhanced Welfare’ chicken, currently available at Tesco. These Red Tractor chickens are slower growing breeds with 30% more space than is required by European legislation and guaranteed natural light.

Free Range

Red Tractor ‘Free Range’ chickens have access to outdoor ranges and even more space and enrichment indoors, giving them ample opportunities to express their natural behaviours. As with all Red Tractor chicken, they have been produced to rigorous food safety, animal welfare and environmental standards, all the way from farms to pack.

A word from Guy Poppy…

Guy has worked in the world of food safety and standards for more than 30 years, as an Independent Food Safety Expert and as a University Professor.

“High standards are important not just for the chickens themselves, but for us as humans too. Whether chickens are hygienically reared will inevitably have implications on how safe they are for us to eat.

“The UK has amongst the highest food standards of anywhere in the world, and by looking for the Red Tractor logo when you shop, you are effectively voting for welfare, high hygiene and safe food.”

Meet Red Tractor
Certified Chicken Farmer, Ed…

As a third-generation farmer, Ed is very proud of the standards he meets every day on his farm. From underfloor heating and enrichment bales to detailed biosecurity measures and constant CCTV surveillance, the welfare of Ed’s chickens is his absolute priority.

“Being Red Tractor Certified means I’m always up to date with the most relevant criteria and working to high standards every single day to provide shoppers with quality British chicken.

“Every single one of our chickens can be traced back their egg and parent stock.”

Love chicken, Love Red Tractor at Tesco

Whatever your choice and whatever your budget, one thing will never change… for great British chicken that is Traceable, Safe and Farmed with Care, just look for the Red Tractor logo. Now available at Tesco, ‘Enhanced Welfare’ Red Tractor chicken that is reared for longer.


The Red Tractor logo means you can be safe in the knowledge that our inspectors have checked and documented every step of the food journey from farm to pack.


We insist on rigorous production standards, so we don’t allow things like chlorine washed meat or irresponsible use of animal medicines on farms in our good food chain. Just good quality British food at its seasonal best.


Red Tractor are the champions of British food and farming. And that means care and attention for our countryside and animals. We’ve forged a good food chain ensuring our 46,000 British farmers work to world leading standards.


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