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Speciality Breads

Licensed in 2011
Licensed for Flour

Flying the flag for British bakers, Speciality Breads has continued its astronomical rise since starring at the Olympics in 2012 with  30% year-on-year growth, unique new product development, the launch of a new £3 million state of the art bakery and deals which are seeing its breads sold abroad.

While the burgeoning UK foodservice sector, coupled with an increasingly discerning UK consumer has undoubtedly played a role in Speciality Breads’ recent success, it’s the company’s team and their obsession for quality, innovation and of course Marriages’ home-grown Red Tractor-certified flour, which have been the real drivers of demand.

Established in 1996 in Margate, Kent, Speciality Breads provides an ever-growing, artisan selection of over 100 freshly frozen breads, which are all hand-crafted and finished by the company’s master bakers.

Proud to be the only Red Tractor-certified British bakery, the company distributes its products to a UK-wide network of wholesalers, who in turn supply leading restaurants, pubs, cafés, caterers and hotels throughout the UK.

Speciality Breads is a sponsor of the National Burger Awards, was nominated Responsible Business Champion for its constituency in 2016 and its Brioche and Ciabatta ranges have the much-sought after “Approved Product” endorsement from the Craft Guild of Chefs.

Simon Cannell joined the company in September 2016 as Managing Director and has wasted no time in making his mark with some incredible innovation already being seen.  The company launched a new duo of brioche rolls in January and then followed this up with the launch of a world-first Scone-Brioche hybrid, aptly named the Scioche™ which has been creating waves and press in the UK foodservice scene.

With barbecues and grills being dusted off in preparation of the summer and alfresco season, the company has also rolled out a duo of delicious Sabarosa Flatbreads which are tapping into the trend for South American, Lebanese and Persian food plus grilling over flames.

Red Tractor Certified Speciality Breads - rolls

Simon Cannell comments:

“Speciality Breads had always been known for its innovation but when I started as MD in September, we made the decision that in 2017 we would kick it up a few gears. Thanks to our friends at Marriages, we’re able to rely on a regular, local supply of the finest flour so it means we can concentrate on what we do best and that’s baking.  We’re always aiming to push baking boundaries so it’s brilliant unleashing unique products such as the mighty Scioche™ and our Sabarosa Flat breads on the UK and it’s just the beginning so watch this space.”

Roll Out British Bread in 2016

So with a an array of unbeatable breads, all made with the finest ingredients, Speciality Breads is perfectly placed to help a wide range of foodservice providers roll out the best of bakery in 2017.

Visit www.specialitybreads.co.uk for more information on our business.

Look out for the Red Tractor label in all major supermarkets. Your can also find us in pubs & restaurants including: