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Aldi is committed to bringing you quality meat fresh from British farms but at excellent value for money. That’s why we work closely with Red Tractor to ensure all our fresh meat has been produced safely and responsibly with good animal husbandry and environmental protection in mind at every step of the process.

This process begins with Aldi’s farmers. When you see the Red Tractor logo on Aldi’s fresh meat you can trust that animal was treated with compassion and given everything it needed for a good quality of life by a farmer who knew what he was doing. Here’s the story of how our lamb makes it from our fields to your fork – the Red Tractor way.

One Aldi Lamb Farmer says

As a farmer for more than 40 years, I take great pride in rearing the best livestock I can to sell to British consumers. I believe it is vitally important that British consumers have absolute confidence in the products they are buying and the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme is best way of ensuring that farms consistently produce livestock to the highest welfare and farming standards. When consumers see the Red Tractor logo we want them to feel that it represents everything good about British farming.”

Red Tractor also asks our farmers to tag their lambs and keep up-to-date movement records so we know we can trace each animal back to UK farms.Red Tractor’s animal welfare standards do not end on the farm. When our lambs leave the farm you can be confident that the good care they have had is followed through in transport and through to the abattoir.

Aldi Red Tractor Certified Sheep in a Field
Aldi Red Tractor Certified Meat Production Line

Aldi’s Lamb Processor says

“The Red Tractor mark proves to consumers that we process lamb to the highest hygiene standards, meaning they can buy Aldi’s lamb steaks with confidence. It also flags that the product has been processed in Britain, so consumers can do their bit for the environment by cutting down on their food miles.”

Our lamb is then cut and packed by a specially trained team of experts, in a processing plant that is kept clean and hygienic, with equipment that’s in good working order, free from contamination and traceability systems in place to ensure your chops and steaks are safe to eat.

Aldi’s Fresh Meat Buyer says

“Everyone wants peace of mind about the quality of the meat they buy, and I’m proud to tell my customers that all our fresh meat, not just our lamb, is Red Tractor assured which means it can be traced back to UK farms and has been safely and responsibly produced at every step of the supply chain”

Aldi Red Tractor Certified Lamb Chops

Look out for the Red Tractor label in all major supermarkets. Your can also find us in pubs & restaurants including: