Red Tractor’s chief executive appointed to Trade and Agriculture Commission

Red Tractor’s chief executive Jim Moseley says he is “delighted” to be appointed to the government’s new Trade and Agriculture Commission and will work hard to protect and promote the interests of UK farmers.

The new Commission informs government and the public on how new Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) are in-line with UK laws on animal welfare, animal and plant health, and the environment. Its members have a wealth of knowledge and expertise across the agricultural, food production, veterinary, animal welfare, environment, and international trade policy.

Advice given by the Commission will feed into a government report which will be laid before Parliament ahead of the ratification of any new FTA and following the signature stage. The analysis it gives will be considered by MPs in the House of Commons before future trade deals can be officially signed off.

“I am delighted to join the new Commission and will work hard to protect the interests of UK farmers while promoting the export of our outstanding produce,” says Mr Moseley.

“As an independent group, a key part of our role is to highlight to government where trade deals it seeks to strike could undermine the high standards for food and farming here in the UK.

“This is a great opportunity to contribute to future trade deals, ensuring the objectives of liberalising trade, while upholding the UK’s high standards in food production, animal welfare and environmental protection.”

Now a statutory body, this new watchdog is a strengthened version of the original Commission which was established last year to advise ministers on the UK’s approach to post-Brexit trade agreements.

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