Creating world class standards for UK farming and beyond

Creating world class standards for UK farming and beyond

Chair of Red Tractor Baroness Lucy Neville Rolfe, will today be speaking at the Agribusiness 2020 Conference in Peterborough, an event dedicated to the UK’s agrisupply businesses.

Her speech in full is below:

I am delighted to be here for this important conference at a critical time for the UK. You will have seen that I have an unusual background – having had 3 careers, one in business, one as a civil servant and one as a government minister in the Business dept and the Treasury. That normally only happens in France or China and never to women, so I have been extraordinarily fortunate. It means I understand uncertainty. Indeed, I started life on a family farm, though my father went bust in the ‘60s and had to change career becoming a consultant in Brussels with his own small firm. He must be turning in his grave at recent developments, but it taught me the vagaries of commercial life the hard way.

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